Grave Notes offers a forum for the exchange of ideas about eighteenth- and nineteenth-century graveyard cultures, and is open to postgraduate, academic, and independent researchers, especially those working in Literature, Cultural Studies, History, Art History, Media Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Religious Studies. 

Executive Editors: Emily B. Stanback, Polly Rowena Atkin

Grave Notes, Issue 2 (2020)

Co-Editors: Julian Knox, Chris Washington

Table of Contents

“Plundering Graveyards for Firewood: William Benbow’s Crimes of the Clergy and the Specter of the Evil PriestSuzanne Barnett 

“‘Ah, Are You Digging My Grave?’: Graves, Life, and Death in Thomas Hardy’s Novels” Oindrila Ghosh

“Dead Poets in Stereo” Bruce Graver

“Cultivating Flowers at Keats’s Grave” Brian Rejack

Grave Notes, Issue 1 (Winter 2016 – 7)

Co-Editors: Julian Knox, Chris Washington

Table of Contents

“The Graveyard Tract of Emily Gosse” Kathy Rees

“Nought but the blood-stain”: Resisting Memorialization in Hemans’ “The Suliote Mother” Elizabeth Bishop

“Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley: Frankenstein, Grief, and Graves” Lisbeth Chapin

“Age and Mourning: Complicating Grief with John Clare’s Gravesite Poetry” Carlie Wetzel

“Memorials of childhood. A qualitative comparison of late 19th century and late 20th century cemetery memorials of children in Bath, UK Fiona Finlay and Simon Lenton

“Graven Voices: Black Metal and Romantic History” Julian Knox