This exhibit explores graves housed in The Gravestone Project particularly connected to William Wordsworth, including his family and his poetry. Below you’ll find a selection of graves relevant to William, but explore in greater depth below to learn more about the use of churchyards in the Lake District, the general trends surrounding stones used in graveyards and churchyards, as well as graves closely connected to the Wordsworth family and to William’s poetry.


  1. Lakeland Churchyards: Learn about the multifunctional context and use of churchyards in the 18th and 19th centuries, including animal grazing, a place for schoolchildren to play, etc.
  2. Eighteenth-Century Stones: Learn about the traditions and contexts surrounding the stones during the Wordsworths’ lifetime, and why it matters for us in approaching William Wordsworth’s poetry.
  3. St Oswald’s Grasmere: Explore the graves of the Wordsworth family.
  4. Poetic Graves: Explore the churchyards and graves that appear in William Wordsworth’s poetry

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