The Gravestone Project is a collaborative digital humanities undertaking that seeks to collect and explore images, transcriptions, and other data related to eighteenth- and nineteenth-century graveyard cultures, with an eye to the data that might be of special interest to scholars, teachers, authors, and artists.

All information and images on this site were gathered personally (and sometimes collectively) by the site curators and collaborators. If you are interested in contributing images or transcriptions, please visit the Become a Collaborator page.

We encourage educators to make use of the contents of this site in the classroom, and for scholars and writers to freely use the site for research, teaching, and artistic purposes. Should you wish to use a photograph on this site in any published work, please contact us and also be aware that some of the locations included on this website prohibit photography for any purposes except personal ones.

Emily B. Stanback and Polly Rowena Atkin